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Snack Stand Procedures

The snack stands are crucial to the success of our league. Whenever your childs team is scheduled to play at the Glen Oaks or Blackwood Complex, your team must designate an adult to work the snack stand for 3 innings. The "away" team is responsible for the first three innings and the "home" team is responsible for the last three innings.

 Your childs coach/manager will supply you with a Snack Stand Schedule prior to the beginning of the season.

  When working the first three innings, please be a few minutes early to help with the opening of the snack stand. When working the last three innings, please help close the snack stand. If you cannot work your assigned game, it is your responsibility to switch with another parent or find a replacement. Children under the age of 16 are not permitted to work in the snack stand without parental supervision. Coaches/Managers of both teams are required to stay at facility until the snack stand is closed!



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